Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poor Fred...

Poor Fred has had a rough few months but is now doing much better...

He somehow contracted a bacterial infection in his ears. It also affected his left eye - lots of ucky gookies...

But after lots of ear cleaning, swabbing, drops and pills along with ointment for his eye, he's much more relaxed and feeling better.

We had our 1st snow just a few days ago and of course he couldn't wait to go outside. Now that the air is crips and the ground is cool, he's spending much more time outside. He's back to jumping, running and playing - giving even our high energy Boxer boys a run for their money! Hoo-Ray for Fred!

Fred Says - Help your dog be healthy!

Giving Your Dog Aspirin

Friday, August 21, 2009

Visit Fred's Friends at Pawprints of Richmond

Visit Fred's friends at Pawprints of Richmond - He loves the Raw Food diet. It keeps him fit and trim!
Open House... & "Raw Knowledge"
Monday August 31st 4 - 8 pm

Free Food!Goodie Bags!Prizes!

Feature Event ~ Raw Knowledge Seminar
Susan Serowicki of RFG Distributing and formerly of Nature's Variety shares her wealth of knowledge on the health benefits of a Raw Food diet for your dogs & cats. Susan will explain what to look for when buying your pet food and the differences between commercial raw food diets. Don't miss this opportunity! Take advantage of Susan's knowledge, some great deals on raw food and, at the same time, improve the health of your pets!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was a bad dog...

Although Fred is generally as sweet as sweet can be, he pulled a huge no-no today! Mary took him, the 2 boxer boys and Lily the Yorkie out to Gander Mountain for a walk this morning. Along came 2 Irish Setters...

At first all was well. Mary pulled our pack off the side of the trail and they showed no interest in the Setters. As the setters passed, they started barking and trying to get to our pack. Our Fred and the Boxer Boys decided they weren't going to let the challenge pass.


Mary (my wife), was pulled to the ground and with her arms splayed out like superman - face down - was dragged across the path into the field after the 2 Setters. She has the bruses, scratches, cuts and dislocated finger along with some 'rope burn' from the leashes.

Finally she was able to stand and regain her footing and get the 3 under control. Our 4th, Lily... Well she finally proved to be all bark and no bite. She lost her comand of the pack today.

During the whole episode, Lily slipped from her harness and simply froze in the trail. She didn't bark, didn't snap - flat out didn't move. She was "out dogged" and she knew it. She wasn't about to jump into the fray with Fred, 2 boxers and 2 good size Setters.

Fred, our usual gentle giant, proved he'll only take so much taunting before he shows his business side. Dad-gum dog. He's really in the dog house.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Beef Ribs On Saturday

Well it’s been a few days since there’s been any Fred news. When the weather is hot n steamy, Fred likes to stick as close as possible to the Kitchen floor with the cold air from the airconditioner blowing on him.

Fred did get a special treat on Saturday morning August 8th. Not a special day in and of itself, but he scored a rather large savory beef rib.

I’m not usually inclined to share beef ribs. But Fred has been cooped up the last several days because of the heat. Very little exercise as he can only handle being out side for a few minutes at a time. I felt bad for him.

Fred knows how to work me with his big droopy eyes. My wife pulled out the ribs to put in our slow cooker bbq pit – I was putting some seasoned rub on mine, and there was Fred. He was looking at me as though he hadn’t eaten in weeks, his eyes as droopy and as sad as they could be. I couldn’t resist.

He did his proper sit-stay command quite perfectly so I had no choice. I sliced a nice thick rib off the rack and let him at it! He was in heaven.

He did elect to eat it on his couch. That’s his way of protecting special things from his roomies… The Boxer Boys and Lily the Yorkie. Fred’s couch needed a good cleaning after that – but no mind. It’s leather so not hard to clean at all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ted, Rocky & Reggie - A few of Fred's Roommates...

Ted is 1 of Fred's better friends. Fred likes Ted because Ted thinks he's a dog - not a cat. Ted is a Maine Coon and already weighs 14 lbs and he's not even 1 yr old yet. Maine Coon's grow for 5 yrs! Looks like Fred won't be the only behemoth in the house!
Rocky the Boxer is a smart fellow. He and Fred are finally at a place where they get a long - for the most part - they're doing a little better than tollerating each other. Rocky is Reggie's best buddy in the world and sometimes Fred gets a little jealous since he's known Reggie longer.

Reggie - AKA "Sir Reginald the First" is the old man in the house at 4 yrs of age. He's a true Boxer through and through. As much bouncing and jumping as he does, his name should have been Tigger! Reggie gets along with everyone and every animal in the house. It's a rare occassion that Reggie doesn't like someone he meets so when he gives a warning, we pay attention.